Herbal Cigarette Ingredients

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From last few decades we have seen increased popularity of Herbal Cigarettes. This is just not only because of adverse effects of Tobacco but also due to flavored option available nowadays. The new generation has learned about Tobacco Cancer and cancer causing agents those found in normal cigarettes. Due to which, cigarettes are now even banned in public places to minimize passive risk of Cancer. That is why; modern science looked at the past history of smoking and found some interesting and useful information about Herbal Cigarettes Ingredients.

These ingredient, once were used by Mayans, ancient pioneers of modern world. They used natural flavored substances to roll up in rose petals and clover leaves. They mainly included mint leaves, cinnamon and lemongrass as main ingredients. Nowadays Herbal cigarettes are even found made in Marshmallows and Ginseng. Many popular brands like Ecstasy even contain Damiana, Catnip, Wild Lettuce, Skull Cap, and Passion Flower. However; in modern United States Weeds are also commonly used in Herbal smoking Cigarettes.

To get a fresh taste in Herbal cigarettes some manufacturers include Jasmine, Vanilla and menthol. These ingredients not only produce taste but also lessen the harmful smoke and disgusting burning smell. Apart from traditional herbal smoke ingredients, some manufacturers use Pure Leave of Lotus and Licorice Root as wrapper for Herbal Cigarette.

Some mostly used Herbs Cigarette ingredients
Ginseng Western society derived this from ancient Asian culture as an immunity booster and blood stimulus herb. In modern world, Ginseng is known for its booster action for athletes. Due to its powerful relief stimulating substances, it is used in various stress busters and reliving medicines. However, as it interferes with blood thinning and occasionally with heart medicines, heart patients should be cautious while smoking Ginseng Herbal Cigarettes.
Mint: As most of us have tested mint, we are aware about its mouth refreshing property. This same herb has been used from centuries in various forms. And now it’s also present in Mint Herbal Cigarette. These not only reduces disgusting burning smell but also create a flavor that lasts longer. Mint also reduces after smoke odor that generally occurs after prolonged smoking. Apart from this Asian culture has classified it as one of powerful remedy for respiratory illness. Hence this could be your best Mint Herbal cigarette product, if you prefer to stay in a group for longer time.
Lemongrass: As its name suggests, its aroma produces light citrus fragrance Being tropical grass herb you will find it in South East Asian cooking to produce citrus taste. Lemongrass often used to control fever and nausea. Many a times,it is also used as a mosquito repellant and in aroma Therapy as in Candle form.

Marsh mellow: Todays modern science has found number of herbs that can be used now to manufacture Herbal Smoking cigarettes. One of which is Marshmallow. It is found in a form of roots and secret substance known as mucilage. Mucilage is found beneficial in relieving digestion problems and occasionally proves effective in bowel disease. Marsh mellow is also found reducing strain levels in bronchi and asthmatic lungs. However, as the research is still going on it, it has been advised to use it cautiously.Apart from these, there are many other substances used to manufacture Herbal cigarettes. Moreover; these Herbal cigarette ingredients are now available on internet and can easily be purchased on various sites. However, one should be careful while buying herbal cigarettes online to avoid duplicity of these worthy herbal products.