Herbal Cigarette

Herbal Cigarette – an effective alternative to quit smoking
On every packet of Cigarette; it is mandatory to print health injurious warning. But how many of us take this note seriously? Cigarette Smoking has history of centuries that dates back to 9th Century. In early cesnturies cigarettes were compounded by leaf tubes and smoking herbs. Mayans were known for their best uses of smoking tubes in religious rituals performed by Priests.

Since then medieval and later modern world evolved numerous types of cigarettes and smoFking including Tobacco. But now in this techno world humans have become most vulnerable to death caused by cigarette smoking. This isn’t surprising at all as smoking has been playing with human lives from past couple of centuries

As new science advances with a new level of healing, we humans are trying making ourselves free from diseases. But for that we don’t want to give up our one greatest death causing enemy Tobacco Smoking. And that’s why modern society once again has turned towards our ancient ways of Herbal smoking. Herbal cigarettes are made from natural and nicotine free ingredients and are best known substitute to injurious Tobacco cigarettes. However these are often confused with non-tobacco cigarettes or non-addicting ones.
If you look at herbal cigarette ingredients, you will find most of it as Cinnamon, Mint, lemongrass and sometimes corn silk. These naturally occurring substances are rolled in Clover leaves or flower petal; many times made from roses. If you want to buy herbal cigarettes online, you may find products with lettuce tubes and flavorless bagasse.

Surprisingly the oldest herbal cigarette brand dates back to 1947 and still present as Honeyrose. Nowadays, this market is flooded with new companies with their brands.
Arkopharm, Ecstacy, Hamiltons Premium Gold, Jambi, NIRDOSH Herbal Filter Dhoompan are some famous and widely consumed Herbal Cigarette brands. Herbal cigarette being nicotine free product has become a favorable alternative to tobacco cigarette amongst youth. Also, today herbal cigarette are favorable with many non-smoking performers and hence have now become common in places with smoking bans. Many countries do have legislation for smoking in public places. At such places herbal smoke cigarettes are first preference amongst people. These tobacco free cigarettes are made from natural herbal incense. And that is why these are non-injurious to other people surrounding.

One of the best benefit is you can even use these smoking herbs in home whole children playing around you. There are many benefits of Smoking herbal cigarettes over tobacco or nicotine. Natural substances occurring in these products help to reduce the cholesterol lever in your body. Also controlled smoking herbs act as a body cleanser and burs out body impurities.

These impurities mainly contain of Toxin in respiratory tract. Few herbal cigarette ingredients have been seen curing skin diseases like eczema and hives. Although these cigarettes play a supportive role for people who wants to quit smoking; Herbal Cigarettes cannot be considered as a complete replacement. It’s because we may become successful in tobacco free smoking but still smoking is always going to be injurious. So it’s always a wise choice to quit smoking instead replacing it with something that may lessen the effect but still as injurious as Smoking tobacco cigarettes.